Installing Granite Countertops Phoenix

granite installation Phoenix

Granite Countertop Installation

The installation of granite countertops is really beyond the average DIY'er for one main reason, you can't mess up. All granite is pre-cut and delivered as a slab that needs to be handled very delicately. One wrong move and you could be out hundreds and many times thousands of dollars because then the entire measurement and fabrication process has to start over.

Granite Installation Timeframe

Most granite countertop installation jobs are done the same day with the occasional bigger and more custom granite installation jobs taking 2-5 days based on a variety of factors.

DIY Granite Installation

After researching the matter and you still feel you want to install your granite countertops yourself we strongly encourage doing research and more research for the best practices and make sure you have an able crew with a general know-how of how to get the job done. If you have any general questions when attempting this we will gladly help and assist any way we can.

Granite Installation Process Phoenix

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